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Miyanoshita Area

"Fujiya Hotel", the symbol of Miyanoshita, it has been well-known as the pioneer of Japanese resort hotel since its establishment. It has been welcoming a number of celebrities and receiving favorable receptions especially on architectural beauty of the period from Meiji to Showa (1868-1989). Even though you are not staying in the Fujiya Hotel, you are welcome to visit the hotel museum and restaurants, and there is also a free tour of the hotel.

Access information

• From Hakone-Yumoto Station
Hakone-Yumoto Station
Hakone Tozan Line
Approx. 26 minutes / 270yen
Miyanoshita Station

Accommodations list

There is a Fujiya Hotel, established in 1878, which is the first typical resort hotel in Japan.
It takes about 25 minutes from Hakone-Yumoto Station by Hakone Tozan Train.

Hakone Fujiya Hotel / 富士屋ホテル

Hakone Fujiya Hotel

Fujiya Hotel, established in 1878, is one of the most classic hotels in Japan with history and tradition. It takes 7 minute walk from "Miyanoshita Station" of Hakone Tozan Train. Since its establishment, they welcomed a number of nobilities. Indulge yourself in the traditional and historical space which has been beloved by many celebrities. Natural onsen (hot spring) is available in all the guestrooms.
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Manatei Hakone / 真奈邸箱根

Hakone Manatee

Hakone Manatee is an onsen (hot spring) resort hotel, in Hakone-Miyanoshita, which is famous for its own springs, creative Japanese-style cuisine with organic vegetable. It takes 8 minutes on foot from Owakudani-Station of Hakone Tozan Train. There are three private bathrooms, which is free of charge and available without reservation.
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Assemblage Musashino / 「四季の湯座敷」武蔵野別館

Assemblage Musashino

"Shiki No Yuzashiki" Musashino-Bekkan seems to be cut off from the hustle and bustle of a city, as if you were staying in "hideaway". You can enjoy three kinds of chartered open-air onsen (hot spring) from hotel’s own springs, which are free of charge, and relax on tatami (straw-mat) flooring rooms with tabi socks (Japanese traditional socks) and yukata (casual Japanese kimono). Traditional "kaiseki", a multi-course dinner with seasonal and finest ingredients has been receiving favorable reception.
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Sightseeing spots

Sepia Street

On Sepia Street in front of the Fujiya Hotel, there are several antique shops for foreigners.
Once you step on the street, you may have a nostalgic feel.